Nagi Bioscience and the future of labs

Meet the Organism-on-Chip that is revolutionizing the biotech sector in Nagi’s booth at Future Labs Live in Basel

Digital. Automated. Connected. These are the three premises of the Future Labs Live that will take place the 7th and 8th June in Basel, Switzerland. A place where labs, start-ups and disruptive minds meet and put together their knowledge, discussing a vast variety of topics, from Artificial Intelligence to Lab Sustainability or Digital Transformation.

Meet the future of lab automation technologies at Booth 115

Long live the Lab, proclaims the event. At Nagi we say Long live the automated Lab.

We propose you a pioneering solution to speed-up R&D pipelines in a cost and resource efficient manner, while using a non-animal testing method recognized as part of the New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) toolkit. Have you heard about the nematode C. elegans? These roundworms have been key in scientific discoveries for more than 60 years, even popularly named ‘Nature’s gift to science’. Due to their short lifespan, well-known genome and 80% homology with human genes (among other characteristics), C. elegans are the perfect biological model for earla toxicology testing, aging and longevity studies, substance/chemical screening and more.

Being a widely recognized model, many aspects of C. elegans studies are still based on manual work. Hence, the need for automation of the experimentation on nematodes arises, as it would solve the R&D pipeline drawbacks, speed-up research processes, and decrease resources involved.

And the solution? Nagi presents to you our technology: in vivo testing at the in vitro scale, bridging the gap between animal models and in vitro practices. 

Save The Date!

Save The Date! Nagi at Future Labs Live

We are more than thrilled to show you how our pioneering technology is the future of automation in C. elegans’ labs. Where can you find us? Meet us in booth 115 where we will be showcasing how our SydLab System performs an assay on live. Keen to know more about the first Organism-on-Chip technology? Speak with our experts there and see with your own eyes the chip that can change the biological testing paradigm.

Start-up Session: Organism-on-Chip. In vivo testing at the in vitro scale

Our CEO and co-founder Matteo Cornaglia will be pitching Nagi’s technology and proposition Tuesday 7th June at 16:30h at the Innovation Zone (Expo floor). Don’t miss it out!