The Movement Tracker: A Flexible System for Automated Movement Analysis in Invertebrate Model Organisms.

Laurent Mouchiroud, Vincenzo Sorrentino, Evan Williams, Matteo Cornaglia, Michael Frochaux, Tao Lin, Amandine Nicolet-Dit-Félix, Gopal Krishnamani, Tarik Ouhmad, Martin Gijs, Bart Deplancke, Johan Auwerx

Current Protocols in Neuroscience



Phenotyping strategies in simple model organisms such as D. melanogaster and C. elegans are often broadly limited to growth, aging, and fitness. Recently, a number of physical setups and video tracking software suites have been developed to allow for accurate, quantitative, and high-throughput analysis of movement in flies and worms. However, many of these systems require precise experimental setups and/or fixed recording formats. We report here an update to the Parallel Worm Tracker software, which we termed the Movement Tracker. The Movement Tracker allows variable experimental setups to provide cross-platform automated processing of a variety of movement characteristics in both worms and flies and permits the use of simple physical setups that can be readily implemented in any laboratory. This software allows high-throughput processing capabilities and high levels of flexibility in video analysis, providing quantitative movement data on C. elegans and D. melanogaster in a variety of different conditions.