Nagi Bioscience proudly introduces the first Organism-on-Chip technology, allowing “in vivo testing at the in vitro scale”, and bridging the gap between cell-based and vertebrate animal models.

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Organism on chip

Nagi Chips

Nagi Bioscience’s “Organism-on-Chip" technology introduces a paradigm-shift in C. elegans-based drug/chemical testing. We completely replaced the traditional manual protocols of C. elegans research by standardized operations within the Nagi Chips – disposable microfluidic cartridges – integrated in our fully automated laboratory device, the SydLab System.

Thanks to state-of-the-art microfluidic technology, the Nagi Chips define a new standard for worm culture and treatment, offering superior control of C. elegans feeding, culture and treatment conditions, programmable drug/chemical treatments or washing in every chip channel at any time-point, and minimal consumption of liquids and compounds.

  • Patented microfluidic design, relying on passive hydrodynamics
  • 16 fluidic lines, enabling tests of 16 independent biological conditions on separate C. elegans populations in parallel
  • Plug & play chip-to-device connectivity and fully automated fluidic operations

SydLab System

Nagi’s SydLab System is the first high-content screening system operating at a whole-organism level. SydLab is an all-in-one benchtop robotic device provided with innovative imaging, fluidics and data analysis capabilities, specifically designed for large-scale automated testing on C. elegans and other micro-organisms.

The system can run tests on up to four Nagi Chips in parallel, where 1000+ individual micro-organisms are automatically confined, cultured, treated, and studied via time-lapse microscopy images and videos at unprecedented throughput and over long-term time-resolved experiments.

Nagi device
  • Active culture, treatment and study of up to 64 independent C. elegans populations
  • Programmable acquisition of brightfield and fluorescence images and videos
  • Active temperature control and programmable cycles in the 10-40°C range

WormAnalyzer Software

The SydLab Software Suite is an end-to-end software solution for seamless experiment execution, data analysis and interpretation using the SydLab System.

A user-friendly graphical interface guides the user throughout all the phases of design, execution and monitoring of an experiment.

Computer vision algorithms, based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, are employed to extract multi-phenotypic information from the images and videos generated by the SydLab System, during the experiment. Data comparison, clustering and statistical analysis tools are then provided to support the user in the data interpretation process, e.g. for the rapid identification and ranking of toxic or effective compounds in the experiment.

  • User-friendly software interface to design, run and monitor experiments on the Sydlab System
  • Time-resolved high-content data extraction (20+ features / time-point / organism) based on state-of-the-art AI
  • Cutting edge statistical analysis and data interpretation algorithms, customizable analyses and phenotypic fingerprinting