Microfluidics chip full organism testing Organism-on-Chip Technology

Organism-on-chip technology

in vivo testing at the in vitro scale



Automated end-to-end culture, treatment, imaging and analysis

SydLab™ One combines the unique Organism-on-Chip technology with robotics and high-content imaging to make all the C. elegans experimentation processes automated.

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Patented MWM technology

Thanks to the development of our patented Microfluidic Worm Matrices (MWM) technology, we offer the possibility of confining worms within large arrays of microfluidic chambers in a simple, fast and reproducible way, by means of passive hydrodynamic worm-valves.

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First Organism-on-chip

By the usage of our MWM method, the Nagi team was eble to develop a myth that today is a reality: the first Organism-on-Chip technology for the controlled growth of C. elegans and their automated time-resolved treatment and analysis, throughout their entire lifespan.

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From a chip to a full system

Thanks to the scalability and ease of use of the Nagi chips, today we present the full end-to-end solution for high-content screening of substances on micro-organisms: SydLab™ One.


Nagi Chips Organism-on-Chip Technology
SydLab™-supported Nagi™ Chips
SydLab System Organism-on-Chip Technology
SydLab™ One
SydLab Analyzer Suite Organism-on-Chip Technology
SydLab™ Analyzer Suite

Inside the nagi chips

discover the secrets of the first organism-on-chip

No more messy plates. No more manual handling. Unlock the full potential of small organisms with the microfluidic Nagi™ Chips. More parallel conditions, more readouts, more possibilities. All compatible with the SydLab™ One products.

Organism-on-Chip Technology nagi chips

Sydlab™ One: One device. infinite possibilities.

Get whole-organism readouts like never before

SydLab™ One can run tests on up to four Nagi™ Chips in parallel, where 1000+ individual micro-organisms are automatically confined, cultured, treated, and studied via time-lapse microscopy images and videos at unprecedented throughput and over long-term time-resolved experiments.

Combining cutting-edge high-content screening technology and robotics, SydLab™ One is the first all-in-one benchtop laboratory device capable of performing multiple bioassays and wide screenings of your compounds of interest on micro-organisms.

Brightfield imaging

Brightfield image of C. elegans worms taken by the SydLab System Organism-on-Chip Technology

Fluorescence imaging

Fluorescence image of a C. elegans human model worm taken by the SydLab System Organism-on-Chip Technology

MotilitY videos

Explore the data

whole-organism phenotypic readouts instantly

SydLab™ One solution counts with the AI-powered imaging extraction and real-time SydLab™ Analyzer: a software suite trained to support scientists at every step of the process. From experiment design to readouts extraction, all in just a user optimized software.

Welcome to the era of automated multi-phenotypic data extraction, analysis and interpretation on small organisms.

welcome to the sydlab™ one universe

Nagi experiment kits
SydLab One C. elegans automation
Software solutions for the SydLab System

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