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We are a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), founded in Switzerland in 2019. We provide cutting-edge laboratory equipment for fully automated high-content screening of substances as a 3R alternative to animal testing.

Our mission: We enable in vivo testing at the in vitro scale as a new paradigm of biological testing.

Our vision: Accelerate the transition to a new era of biological testing: scalable, efficient and ethical. about us.

A story of innovation

Everything started when our two founders met and decided to join forces to achieve something never seen before: to create a microfluidic technology that could unlock the potential of microorganisms to speed up research while decreasing the number of animals used in science.

Comparison between C. elegans worms on a petri dish and Nagi Worm-on-Chip product about us
Founders of Nagi Bioscience: Matteo Cornaglia and Laurent Mouchiroud

This is the story of the microsystems expert Dr. Matteo Cornaglia (CEO and co-founder) and the biologist and C.elegans expert Dr. Laurent Mouchiroud (CSO and co-founder).

Since then, the once-dreamt “Organism-on-Chip” field is now a reality that our team has been pioneering over the last decade.

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