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Santé ! Longévité !

Radio Télévision Suisse consulted our co-founder and CSO Laurent Mouchiroud about today’s advances in the field of aging and longevity research for the monthly health reportage.

With the aim of improving the quality of life of our elder population, scientists all around the world are working on treatments and drugs to cure aged-associated diseases and mitigate their symptoms. At EPFL, researchers study the mitochondria and their role in human metabolism. As Laurent explained in his interview for RTS, these mitochondria are the energy providers of our cells, allowing them to work correctly. When aging, the mitochondria experience a progressive dysfunction process impacting the cell's performance. In order to find a solution to this process, the lab uses C. elegans worms as a biological model to improve the mitochondria quality and their progressive dysfunction.

Dr. Johan Auwerx, expert in the field and part of the scientific advisory board at Nagi Bioscience, explains in this same reportage how the longevity and healthspan research field has been changing for the past 5 years, focusing on individual treatments for each disease to not only improve the quality of life, but also trying to find the answer to question ‘How do we stop it?’.

Check out the reportage here

The Swiss National TV interviews Nagi's CSO and co-founder Laurent Mouchiroud

Nagi Bioscience - Discover the Aging-on-Chip technology

At Nagi, we completely replaced the traditional manual protocols of C. elegans research by standardized operations within the Nagi Chips integrated in our fully automated laboratory device: The SydLab System.

Aging-on-chip technology

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