Nagi Bioscience at BIO-Europe 2022

Someone said bio-pharma? Get to know Nagi Bioscience at BIO-Europe 2022 in Leipzig

Nagi Bioscience at BIO-Europe 2022. How? We has been selected to be part of the Swiss Biotech Pavilion at BIO-Europe 2022, which will be held in-person next week in Leipzig (Germany) from Monday 24th until 26th October.

BIO-Europe 2022

Under the motto of “Your gateway to the global bio-pharma community”, this year’s BIO-Europe event is expecting more than 4.500 delegates from the bio-pharma sector where they will have the opportunity to attend to the different presentations, networking sessions and more during 3 days in-person and from 2nd November to 4th November, also online.

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Meet Nagi’s pioneering technology at booth #82A

Did you know that you can get whole-organism data at a high-throughput rate speeding up your research? C. elegans nematodes are a highly validated model for different research fields, including for pre-clinical drug development stages. By correctly tailoring your experiment on C. elegans you can get incredibly insightful data about your compounds at a whole-organism level, reducing time, costs and accelerating your R&D pipeline.

Nagi Bioscience proposes an easy way to introduce a full nematodes lab in just one device: the SydLab System. Check out below how the SydLab System works. Do you want to know more? Pass by the Swiss Biotech Pavilion (booth #82A) at BIO-Europe or schedule a meeting with us through PartneringONE.

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How does the SydLab System work?
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