Our scientific team provides innovative safety and efficacy testing services based on the use of Nagi’s “Organism-on-Chip” technology and tailored to your research needs. Contact our experts to start designing your project with us today.

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Safety testing

Safety testing

Rapid identification of chemical/drug toxicity, toxicological profiles and modes of action, mechanistic toxicity studies and investigation of adverse outcome pathways, via real-time monitoring of multiple toxicity endpoints in living C. elegans worms.

Efficacy testing

Efficacy testing

In vivo high-content screening of drugs and active compounds on transgenic/mutant C. elegans strains of interest – e.g. C. elegans models for human diseases – as a novel time- and cost-effective way to boost drug discovery and lead optimization.

How to work with us

Project design

Contact our scientists to discuss your project requirements and timeline.

Sample shipment

Send us the samples to be tested/used in your project.

Project execution

Your project will be executed by our scientists using Nagi’s unique Organism-on-Chip technology.

Result reporting

A detailed report about your project results will be prepared, sent to you and discussed with you.