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safety testing services

Safety testing solutions

  • Rapid identification of chemical and drug toxicity
  • Toxicological profiles
  • Mode-of-action
  • Mechanistic toxicity studies
  • Investigation of adverse outcome pathways

Nagi™ toxicology solutions are performed with our cutting-edge technology that allows the delivery of full-organism data while being conducted at the in vitro scale.

We plan the project with you, forget about the execution. We perform the necessary experiments, collect and analyze the data, and deliver a complete tailor-made report to you.

efficacy testing services

Efficacy testing solutions

How do we do our efficacy studies?

We offer in vivo high-content screening of drugs and active compounds on transgenic/mutant C. elegans strains of interest (e.g. C. elegans models for human diseases).

  • Age-related diseases
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Explore metabolic pathways
  • Muscle degeneration

Unlock the potential of small organisms to determine human-relevant toxicity of your pipeline drugs, agrochemicals, chemicals, molecules of interest and more.

datapoints like never before

Get quick and accurate data about the effects of your compounds on living systems. Make predictions about their potential impact on animal and human health.

Nagi service solutions reporting

A Powerful model for powerful readouts

We specialize in using Caenorhabditis elegans (C.elegans) nematodes as a model system to test the safety and efficacy of chemicals and substances.

biological models

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Result reporting

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