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the first End-to end automated high-content screening system on full organisms with active flow control

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Micro-organisms testing made easy

SydLab™ One is an easy to design and run experiment platform so you can focus on what is important: your results.

unlocking unique datapoints

By automating end-to-end small organisms experimentation (C. elegans organism model), unprecedented levels of standardization and reproducibility are achieved.

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SydLab™ ONE

How can SydlAB™ one help you

Automation of manual protocols

  • Elimination of manual worms handling, culture, treatment and monitoring.
  • No manual protocols, more time for your research. Faster and better datapoints to top-up your results.

Unique readouts on small organisms

  • Thanks to the elimination of manual protocols, SydLab™ One achieves to extract unique readouts unlocking the full potential of C. elegans as the powerful model organism that it is.

Unprecedented scalability

  • 1 experiment, 64 parallel conditions tested
  • Fully automated treatment and analysis. 

Unprecedented reproducibility

  • High reproducibility of the analyzed phenotypes, including worms’ growth, reproduction and survival rate.

The sydlab™ one experience

datapoints like never before

Get quick and accurate data about the effects of your compounds on living systems. Make predictions about their potential impact on animal and human health.

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