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Caenorhabditis elegans has been known for more than 60 years as an important exploratory biological model in fundamental research. It helps in addressing various biological questions in the fields of aging, neurobiology, genomics, and developmental and cellular biology.

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To this date, large amounts of mutant, transgenic and “humanized” worm strains are available. More specifically, C. elegans is distinguished by its ease of genetic manipulations: single genes can be simply inactivated by feeding the worms with bacteria expressing dsRNA against the gene of interest (RNA interference method). Nowadays, any specific strain can be generated easily “on-demand” using modern CRISPR-Cas9 techniques.

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C. elegans is a well-studied model with useful features for rapid investigations.

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metabolic pathways c elegans biological models

Many pathways important in development, reproduction and modes of toxic action are conserved.

C. elegans biological models for neurotoxicology

Concordant response areas include growth, development, LD50 ranking and neurotoxicity.

“If we understand the worm, we understand life.”

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Small. Short life-cycle. not resource-intensive. powerful genetic toolkit.

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