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Powerful software solutions to make your sydlab™ experience easy and unique

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User-friendly experiment launcher software

User-optimized interface to design, run and monitor experiments on SydLab™ One.

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AI-based high-content data extraction algorithm

Time-resolved high-content data extraction (20+ features / time-point / organism) based on state-of-the-art AI.

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real-time data analysis software

Cutting edge statistical analysis and data interpretation algorithms, customizable analyses and phenotypic fingerprinting.

Explore the SydLab™ software end-to-end suite

Software modules for a seamless experiment execution, data analysis and interpretation for SydLab™ One. Unlock the potential of small organisms in your lab.

SydLab™ experiment launcher

User-friendly graphical interface that will guide you throughout all the phases of design, execution and monitoring of an experiment.

cloud Data processing pipeline

Computer vision algorithms, based on state-of-the-art AI, are employed to extract multi-phenotypic information from the images and videos generated by SydLab™ One during your experiment.

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Real-time raw data extraction on the cloud

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State-of-the-art data processing pipeline

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Monitor your experiment on a real-time basis

data visualization and analysis modules

Sydlab™ analazer suite

Data comparison, clustering and statistical analysis modules are provided with SydLab™ Analyzer Suite to support you in the data interpretation process.

  • Image processing by our trained machine learning (ML) software for object recognition
  • Real-time data visualization tool
  • Rapid toxicity identification
  • Ranking of toxic or effective compounds in the experiment
  • Aggregates
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