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  • Photo of Matteo Cornaglia, PhD

    Matteo Cornaglia, PhD

    CEO & founder

  • Photo of Laurent Mouchiroud, PhD

    Laurent Mouchiroud, PhD

    CSO & founder

  • Photo of Fabien Tâche, PhD

    Fabien Tâche, PhD


  • Photo of Elena Katsyuba, PhD

    Elena Katsyuba, PhD

    Head of Bioassay Development

  • Photo of Lazar Stojković

    Lazar Stojković

    Software & Data Engineer

  • Photo of Asim Faridi, PhD

    Asim Faridi, PhD

    Microtechnology Engineer

  • Photo of Morgane Bourgeois

    Morgane Bourgeois

    Bioassay Specialist

  • Photo of Herminia Álvarez Sánchez

    Herminia Álvarez Sánchez

    Business Development Specialist

  • Photo of Rafael Marques

    Rafael Marques

    R&D Mechatronics Engineer

  • Photo of Raphaël Tabourin

    Raphaël Tabourin

    Embedded Software Engineer

  • Photo of Martin Gijs, PhD

    Martin Gijs, PhD

    Professor at EPFL, Microsystems for Bio-applications

  • Photo of Johan Auwerx, MD, PhD

    Johan Auwerx, MD, PhD

    Professor at EPFL, Systems Physiology and Drug Discovery

  • Photo of Isabelle Desbaillets, PhD

    Isabelle Desbaillets, PhD

    Head of the Animal Welfare Office at University of Bern

  • Photo of Robert Mader, PhD

    Robert Mader, PhD

    Toxicology Project Leader at Roche

  • Photo of Chris Radloff, PhD

    Chris Radloff, PhD

    Chairman, Life Science Tech Expert

  • Photo of Frank Bulens, PhD

    Frank Bulens, PhD

    Board member, Partner, imec.xpand

  • Photo of Robert Schier, PhD

    Robert Schier, PhD

    Board member, Senior Investment Director

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