Manufacturing Technician

About Us

Nagi Bioscience is an exciting startup operating in the thriving field of life science instrumentation. Headquartered in the heart of one of Switzerland’s top technology poles, the EPFL Innovation Park in Saint-Sulpice, overlooking the stunning Léman Lake, we are on a mission to accelerate the transition to the new era of biological testing, where scalability, efficiency, sustainability, and ethics can finally go hand in hand.

Our first product, SydLab™ One, pioneers the field of Organism-on-Chip technologies, a new class of laboratory devices enabling the discovery and testing of new drugs and chemicals using microorganisms instead of traditional animal tests.

As a consequence of our recent financing round and our ambitious growth plans, we are now seeking talented individuals to join our team and be part of our groundbreaking journey.

Role Review

As an Manufacturing Technician, you will play a crucial role in the lifecycle of our equipment, from construction and testing to maintenance and troubleshooting. Your primary missions will involve building equipment to specification, conducting thorough testing procedures, and providing ongoing maintenance and support for optimal performance. This role requires a diverse skill set encompassing mechanical, electrical, and electronic expertise, along with a proactive and positive mindset.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Manufacture equipment:
    • Manufacture the assembly , sub assembly and all the equipment by following technical drawings.
    • Utilize mechanical, electrical, and electronic skills to ensure precise assembly and functionality.
    • Integrate all the fluidic elements
  • Equipment testing:
    • Conduct comprehensive testing procedures to verify the functionality and performance of the equipment.
    • Troubleshoot and address any issues or discrepancies identified during testing.
  • Maintenance:
    • Perform regular maintenance tasks to keep equipment in optimal working condition.
    • Provide troubleshooting and technical support to customers experiencing issues with the equipment.
    • Collaborate with engineering and design teams to implement improvements and updates based on feedback and performance data.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Maintain inventory of equipment parts, tools, and materials to ensure adequate supplies for construction and maintenance tasks.
    • Monitor stock levels, place orders for replenishment, and manage inventory records accurately.
  • 5S Owner:
    • Implement and maintain 5S principles (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) within the production area to ensure efficiency, organization, and safety.
    • Regularly audit and improve the organization and cleanliness of workstations, tools, and materials.
  • Safety and Compliance:
    • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to maintain a secure working environment.
    • Ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations and standards.


Must have :

  • Technician diploma or equivalent certification in a relevant field (mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc.).
  • Proficiency in mechanical assembly techniques and tools.
  • Strong understanding of electrical wiring, circuitry, and electronic components.
  • Ability to conduct through testing and diagnostics to identify and resolve issues.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a proactive and hands-on approach.
  • Positive attitude, adaptability, and willingness to learn new technologies and techniques.
  • English Level : C1

Nice to have :

  • Prior experience in equipment assembly, testing, maintenance, or troubleshooting is advantageous.
  • Effective communication skills for collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and supporting customers.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams including engineers, designers, and customer support.

What we offer

  • An innovative, dynamic and fast-paced work environment where you can make a significant impact and experience rapid and substantial professional growth.
  • Access to unique technology and a compelling value proposition that sets us apart in the market.
  • An exceptionally motivating position with daily exposure to world-class innovation within your field of expertise.
  • A dynamic and multi-disciplinary team of passionate professionals, sharing ideas and collectively driving science and innovation forward.A tangible contribution to create a better future for biological testing and replace old school animal tests.

If you are interested, apply here by submitting your CV and cover letter (optional).