C. elegans and the Human Genome Project

C. elegans human genome project

How C. elegans contributed to the decoding of the human genome

But how did this journey begin?

Dr. John Sulston Human Genome Project

The human genome fully sequenced: What does this milestone mean for us?

The completion of this one human genome sequence will incentivise current projects up-scaling R&D progresses, as well as the whole medical and biotech industry. That is why many scientists are optimistic about the research progression for the next decade marked by this milestone, expecting new effective and faster diagnostic methods, drug development speed-up, and significant advances in research areas like aging and neurodegenerative diseases among others.

In the words of Evan Eichler, Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the University of Washington and the research leader:

C. elegans – “Nature’s gift to Science”

A tribute to the worm that started everything and to one of his promoters. As Dr. Sulston stated: “if we don’t understand the worm, we don’t understand life”, a quote that today is even more unquestionable.