ESTIV Annual Congress here we go!

Taking place in Sitges (Barcelona) next week, the 21st edition of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) Annual Congress will bring together more than 500 attendees, from scientists to legislators and industry players, where they will have the opportunity to network and communicate the latest advances in in vitro methods development.

in vivo testing at the in vitro scale

Sure you saw our motto of “in vivo testing at the in vitro scale” (if not find out more here, you will not be disappointed, we promise). What does it mean though? Exactly that, our technology enables researchers to obtain whole-organism data at the in vitro scale at a high-throughput rate.

Meet the first Organism-on-Chip technology

We developed a unique microfluidic cartridge where you can culture C. elegans nematodes.

Don’t worry, the whole process is automated with the SydLab System

Now the questions are, how do I handle the chip, how do I treat the worms or how do I process the data? We got you, it was never our intention to leave you alone with all the process.

Get to know the SydLab System: the first end-to-end solution for drugs and other substances’ high-content screening on small organisms such as C. elegans.

Worm-on-a-Chip Nagi Bioscience

Plug 4 Nagi Chips in the SydLab device and let the device handle everything (worm injection, culture, treatment… when we say everything it means everything).

SydLab System lab device

The SydLab benchtop device is made of state-of-the-art robotic and high-content screening technology, which means that besides phasing out worms’ manual handling, it also collects images and videos during the whole process.

SydLab Analyzer Software

But do I have to check after all those thousands of images myself? No, don’t worry. It’s automated end-to-end, so let our AI-based software collect and analyze the raw data for you.

Get to know us at ESTIV 2022

Did we rise your curiosity? Meet us and the possibilities of our technology at ESTIV 2022 next week in Sitges!

AlterTox Booth at ESTIV

We will be around the AlterTox Booth #18 as guests. Come talk to us and see by yourself our cutting-edge technology!

Nagi Bioscience Poster at ESTIV 2022

Meet our CSO and co-founder Laurent Mouchiroud everyday in front of our Poster #413.

The topic? All-in-one Microfluidics-based robotic platform for automated Tox screenings in C. elegans.

Contact a Nagi Bioscience Expert

Not at ESTIV? Contact a Nagi expert for more!

Talk with a Nagi expert

Meet Nagi CSO and co-founder Laurent Mouchiroud at ESTIV 2022