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Meet our new Team Members!

Meet the new Team Members!

The Nagi team is growing and we are delighted to announce the incorporation of three new members.

Nagi is growing fast and successfully disrupting the market with the first Organism-on-Chip technology and our innovative biological model. It is time to revolutionize the biological testing landscape with ethical, sustainable and animal-free alternatives as our talented team does everyday at Nagi Bioscience.

Do you want to meet our new talents?

Morgane Bourgeois is assisting in the development of bioassays as part of the R&D team while working on her Master's research project about the detection of dead organisms in experiments.

Jiaan Zhu is our latest incorporation to the Software and IT team where he is working in object detection in microscope images and exploring state-of-the-art computer vision methods.

As the new Intern in Business Development, Herminia Álvarez Sánchez is managing the marketing and communication activities of Nagi. Herminia studied International Business and Economics at Pompeu Fabra University, and recently got her Master degree in Digital Marketing and Public Relations at HMKW.


Morgane Bourgeois


Jiaan Zhu

Herminia Alvarez

In Nagi we support brilliant and promising minds since we believe this is the way that science moves forward. The revolution of innovative and ethical biological testing technologies counts today with three new professionals! Welcome Morgane, Jiaan and Herminia!


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