Nagi Bioscience at Longevity Leaders World Congress

Next week is the kick off of the 4th edition of the Longevity Leaders World Congress and, as pioneers in Organism-on-Chip technology, Nagi Bioscience couldn’t miss it!

Bringing together life science investors and disruptive technologies in the fields of advancing aging science, regenerative medicine and longevity therapeutics, the 2022 Longevity Leaders World Congress will take place in London between 26th and 27th April. The Longevity Leaders World Congress brings the world’s most prominent regenerative medicine and longevity scientists together, presenting the new research, responsible drug development, novel therapies and commercialisation to target age-related diseases.

Being aging technologies and longevity therapeutics a multibillion-dollar market, the growth expectations for this sector have been increased due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which outstanded the potential of aging science in future disease treatments. A recent report published in April 2022 revised the previous market expectations and estimated the anti-aging medicine market to reach $19 billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 11.7%.


Aging-on-Chip: Meet Nagi’s pioneer technology

In Nagi Bioscience we are revolutionizing the biological testing paradigm with our all-in-one solution for automated high content drug and chemical screening on C. elegans.

The SydLab System for Aging research

But we don’t stop there. In Nagi we also offer a wide range of bioassays as a service including aging assays to understand longevity regulation, explore the effects of test compounds on aging, and screen for anti-aging candidates. Check out all our applications here and how can you design your experiment with us today.

Interested in our technology? Meet us at Longevity Leaders World Congress or get in contact with us to learn how you can integrate Nagi’s SydLab System in your lab.

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