Nagi Bioscience together with Bayer CropScience at the prestigious 2022 SOT Annual Meeting in San Diego

After the success of the collaborative research project with Bayer CropScience, the CSO and co-founder of Nagi Bioscience Laurent Mouchiroud is flying today to San Diego (CA) to present the pioneer technology that put us on the spot of the biotech entrepreneurship landscape.

Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting – A landmark event in the scientific community

Under the principles of science divulgation and research stimulation for the enhancement of human beings, animals and ecosystems, the Society of Toxicology is one of the most prestigious institutions worldwide in the STEM sector.

Hosting its 61st edition this year, the SOT Annual Meeting will bring together more than 6.000 attendees participating in 70 scientific sessions between 27th March and 31st March.

In addition to the multiple symposiums, innovative propositions in the toxicology field will be congregated in the ToxExpo section with the possibility of showcasing and networking

Nagi & Bayer CropScience in tandem positioning the Worm-on-Chip technology in the alternative testing landscape

Nagi Bioscience offers a suitable alternative for traditional biological testing that overcomes the main drawbacks of both mammalian models and in vitro alternative testing methods by using our state-of-the-art Organism-on-Chip technology. Requiring less costs and resources than animal testing and providing whole-organism data unlike cellular models, the use of the C. elegans biological model along with Nagi’s pioneering technology has captured the attention of the 2022 SOT convention for its suitability for predictive toxicology studies.

The success in the characterization of the effect on reproduction of multiple benchmark chemicals using our microfluidic-based robotic platform stands out the magnitude of Nagi’s innovation and how C. elegans perfectly bridges the gap between in vitro and in vivo assays.

Nagi's technology

Do you want to know more details about the innovative project of Nagi Bioscience for BayerCropScience? Find us at this year 2022 SOT Annual Meeting in the Convention Center Sails Pavilion on Thursday 31st March between 8:30h and 11:30am where our CSO & co-founder Laurent Mouchiroud will present Nagi’s Worm-on-Chip technology as a rapid method for toxicity assessment in the agrochemical sector. And don’t forget to check out our poster too! (Poster Board number: 5025/ P128)

Nagi at SOT 2022 - 31st March at 08:30am

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