Nagi presents SydLab™ one at Worm23

Nagi at C. elegans international conference 2023 events

introducing SydLab™ one at #worm23

Nagi Bioscience’s booth drew considerable attention throughout the conference, where attendees had the opportunity to experience personalized demos of SydLab™ One. Thanks to its microfluidic technology, advanced robotics, and AI-based algorithm, SydLab™ One is capable of automating the entire process of culture, treatment, imaging, and analysis of C. elegans experimentation. All in just one compact benchtop laboratory device.

Nagi presents SydLab™ one at Worm23

Double or nothing: 2 posters, 2 moderated sessions, 2 live demos per day

Besides hosting two demo experiences everyday, Nagi presented two posters that showcased recent findings and studies conducted using SydLab™ One. These posters received widespread recognition and sparked intriguing discussions among conference participants.

Poster #1063A: A robotic device for fully automated high-content screening on C. elegans

Poster #1064A: A robotic platform for fully automated aging studies in C.elegans

Nagi Bioscience also played an active role in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange at the conference. Our Nagi experts moderated two networking sessions during #Worm23. During these sessions, researchers had the opportunity to engage in lively discussions, share insights, and forge new connections. The networking discussions provided a valuable platform for attendees to explore the latest trends and developments in C. elegans research, careers insights, and much more.

Nagi presents SydLab™ one at Worm23
Nagi Booth #9 at Worm23
Nagi presents SydLab™ one at Worm23
Live demo experiences where hosted at the booth twice a day upon request
Nagi Bioscience mascot contest at worm23
Our mascot giveaway was a great success! Stay tuned, we will announce the winner soon.

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