New team member alert!

Meet Nagi's new team member

New team member alert! Nagi Bioscience is growing and so does our team

Nagi is growing fast and successfully disrupting the market with the first Organism-on-Chip technology for fully automated, faster and scalable in vivo testing at the in vitro scale. It is time to revolutionize the biological testing landscape with ethical and sustainable alternatives as our talented team does everyday at Nagi Bioscience.

Meet Rafael Marques, Nagi’s R&D Mechatronics Engineer

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Mechatronics Engineering, Rafael Marques has an extensive experience in industrial production and manufacturing. Having started his career in the automotive sector, he later carved out his professional experience in engineering R&D.

Currently opening the pre-ordering period of Nagi’s first product, Rafael will be working as part of the hardware team to complete the launch of our SydLab System for fully automated high-content drug and chemical screening on the biological model C. elegans.

Meet Rafael Marques, R&D Mechatronics Engineer

In Nagi we support brilliant and promising minds since we believe this is the way that science moves forward. The revolution of innovative and alternative biological testing technologies counts today with a new talented professional. Welcome Rafael!